Meet Human Marketing's New Marketing Specialist Jorge Augusto Milla de Leon

[fa icon="calendar"] 4/26/17 9:58 AM / by Jorge Augusto Milla de Leon

Jorge Augusto Milla de Leon

It has been a long ride since my career started. With over eight years of experience in the advertising and corporate world, I've had the opportunity to learn from product, sales and digital marketing. I discovered that the digital space is an area I really wanted to explore and learn from. Staying on top of new trends and to keep studying is something that complements this need to push myself into uncharted territory. 

 I’ve worked in advertising, consumer product goods and technology. I have a bachelor’s degree in Communications Science, an associates degree in Digital Marketing and I’m currently in a part-time MBA program at Pepperdine University. One of my biggest goals is to find ways to connect and engage multiple digital variables into an equation that can provide commercial solutions to drive diverse business needs. 

An important part of my background is my international work in Latin American countries, especially in Peru. This amazing focus has helped me deal with a global market and consumer, which I strongly believe I can use to my advantage in creating diverse digital marketing campaigns. From my time on the client side, I know firsthand how hard it is to convey branding KPI’s into digital metrics. Digital marketers that can transform the data and connect it to core business strategies will be the ones leading the way. 

That's why Human Marketing makes a lot of sense for my personal goals, because it is an agency that communicates laterally with their clients by setting a frame of clear success indicators that not only helps brands to increase awareness, but generates leads and sales conversions, meaning that it's feasible to adjust real time budgets and optimize campaigns accordingly.  

I just started working for Human Marketing, and from the first moment it is easy to see the level of professionalism and charisma of the team. Each individual makes a great impact, is results-oriented and builds loyalty among their peers. This is essential when providing services to customers because it’s the most honest way to keep motivation up and clients growing. 

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