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6 Ways to Use AI to Perfect Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Content marketing isn’t for the faint of heart. 

Implementing a successful content marketing strategy requires time, effort and expertise - valuable commodities in today’s fast-moving tech landscape. 

It’s more important now than ever to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to build a winning content strategy that helps you maintain a competitive edge.

As artificial intelligence evolves, more tools are surfacing to save time and create custom user experiences that drive revenue and customer loyalty. 

In this blog, we’ll share some of the best AI content marketing tools to help you craft a successful content marketing strategy.

6 Ways to Use AI for Content Marketing

Leveraging AI for content marketing helps you reach your goals easier and faster. 

Marketers are now embracing AI to enhance their content efforts, from competitive analysis to content creation. 

If you’re serious about getting your content marketing to the next level, here are six ways to use AI to perfect your content marketing strategy: 

  1. Competitive analysis
  2. Content strategy 
  3. Content creation
  4. Content personalization
  5. Content optimization
  6. Content intelligence

1. Competitive analysis 

What are your competitors doing? Where do you stand against them? Performing a thorough competitive analysis is a first step in determining the rest of your content marketing strategy.

SEMrush’s Competitive Research Toolkit analyzes your competitors’ marketing strategies and tactics, collecting data from traffic sources, PR activities, social media and content marketing efforts. SEMrush boasts the largest keyword database on the market: 7.7 billion keywords and 400+ million web domains in 190 countries and regions.

2. Content strategy 

Before you start creating content, you need to know what kind of materials will appeal to your target customer. 

Using AI tools to form your content strategy enables you to synthesize massive amounts of consumer data into workable content models. 

BrightEdge uses AI to find the most relevant topics and keywords to use in your content strategy. BrightEdge helps manage your SEO strategy, tasks and reporting and engages customers across their conversion journey. It guides content strategy through creation and optimization, then monitors content performance at multiple levels.

Hubspot uses machine learning to identify topic clusters that search engines associate with your content, helping you create new content that drives organic traffic to your website. It enables you to track those clusters in one dashboard so you can see how that traffic evolves, assisting in the formation of an ongoing content strategy.

3. Content creation 

Manual content creation continues to be a big hurdle for marketers. However, AI content marketing tools have come a long way in helping companies conceptualize and create relevant audience-building content.

Publishing high-quality content is essential - there’s no use in having great content if it’s full of errors. Grammarly uses AI to check your grammar and spelling in real-time, offering helpful suggestions along the way. Grammarly’s features include a tone detector, grammar checker and plagiarism checker.

QuillBot is a free paraphrase tool that acts like a full-sentence thesaurus, rewording and restructuring text while maintaining its original meaning. QuillBot is best for creative writing brainstorming and can also assist non-native speakers in finding different ways of representing concepts.

And don’t forget there’s more to great content than just blog posts. Canva enables you to create professional graphics and videos with AI automation technology. Using a variety of templates for apps like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, Canva’s free tool allows you to create designs and presentations with no special skills.

4. Content personalization  

Demand for highly personalized content is increasing, making the content creation process more challenging for marketers. Creating the right content at the right time for your desired audience is vital for succeeding in today’s digital marketing landscape.

Personalize is an AI-powered personalization tool that reveals the products and services people are most interested in at any given time, increasing response rates and revenue.  

Personalize ranks the top interests of each contact in your database based on their digital footprint. Its AI engine crunches data like time on page, visit frequency and recency to provide you real-time insights.

 5. Content optimization 

Is traffic to your existing content declining? 

Over time, information can become stale and should be optimized to remain fresh and exciting to both readers and search engines. You can keep your content up to date by using content optimization tools.

Atomic Reach boosts conversions by identifying key phrases in your content and rewriting them for maximum effect. Its enterprise platform improves content performance by determining your audience’s interests, saving time while delivering consistent quality and preserving brand identity.

Yoast, best known for its popular WordPress plugin, makes your content more SEO-friendly by analyzing text and giving feedback on ways to improve it. The technical SEO of a page can either help or hurt its ability to reach the intended audience. Yoast ensures you’re using keywords effectively, increasing the likelihood that search engines will serve up your page as a top result of a customer’s search query.

6. Content intelligence

Content intelligence is a strategy that integrates AI technologies (think big data, machine learning and natural language processing) with software and applies them to content marketing. 

MarketMuse is an AI content intelligence and strategy platform that helps you research, plan and craft your content. Personalized difficulty scores help determine topics that your site will likely rank for, and its First Draft component uses natural language generation (NLG) to identify key metrics.

Level Up Your Content Marketing Strategy with Personalize

Artificial intelligence is a force multiplier. Combined with human brainpower and creativity, AI can transform your business into a content marketing powerhouse.

If you’re looking to create a successful content marketing strategy with less effort, use an AI-powered content recommendation engine like Personalize

Personalize skyrockets conversions by tracking your customers’ interests, enabling you to create content that increases customer engagement and response rates. It seamlessly integrates into your business, providing the data you need to build automated personalized campaigns.

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