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6 Email Personalization Examples to Inspire Your Targeted Marketing Strategy

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Take a moment to think about the hundreds (maybe even thousands) of emails you’ve received over the past couple months.

Can you recall any of them?

According to a study by Litmus, only 21 percent of customers reported receiving a memorable promotional email in the last two months.

Blasting emails en masse doesn’t create a memorable experience for your customers. And it won’t get you the results you want with your email marketing.

By leveraging a personalized, targeted email marketing strategy, you can go the extra mile to make your contacts and customers feel special. In turn, they will want to engage with your content and brand even more.

Explore a few of our favorite email personalization examples to inspire your targeted marketing strategy and get you the open rates, click rates and engagement you’re looking for.

What Is Email Personalization?

First, let’s start with the basics. What is email personalization? And what does it actually look like?

Email personalization leverages customer information, data or behavior to make emails feel like they’re custom-made for each recipient. Sure, they can start with addressing you by your first name. But advanced personalization tactics extend far beyond that.

Birthdays, anniversaries, recent purchases, product interests and website footprints can influence the components of a personalized email. By targeting your database based on their demographics or behaviors, you can send emails that your audience actually cares about, like a birthday coupon code or an alert for a product that’s in their cart but is about to sell out.

Studies show that contacts appreciate receiving timely, relevant messages and are more likely to engage with them. Emails with personalized subject lines are 26 percent more likely to be opened and deliver 6x higher transaction rates.

6 Awesome Email Personalization Examples

Need some inspiration for your targeted email marketing strategy? Take a look at how these five brands are winning the email personalization game.

1. WindWater Follows up Based on Website Visits

If you notice a contact repeatedly visiting a particular page, follow up! WindWater, a commercial real estate company, sends personalized follow-up emails urging contacts to revisit a property listing they’re eyeing.

WindWater Browse Abandonment Email

These “browse abandonment” emails are also a great way to showcase other products, listings or offerings that your contact might miss but could potentially be interested in.

2. Canopy Recommends Products Based on Past Purchases

Browsing history and past purchase records are a gold mine of information for email personalization. Customers are more likely to purchase if they see recommendations tailored to their specific interests and needs.

Canopy creates emails based on their subscribers’ needs — in this case, cooking and baking gifts for a significant other.

Canopy Product Recommendations Email

3. Spotify Listens to Your Preferences and Interests

Here’s another example of a tailored recommendation email. Spotify analyzes the behaviors of their listeners to offer new song, artist or podcast recommendations.

Spotify Recommendation Email

Since Spotify’s catalog of music is so vast, listeners welcome the platform’s recommendations so they don’t have to go through the work of discovering new content themselves.

4. Sephora Urges You to Restock Before You Run Out

Remind your customers that it’s time to restock their favorite products. These emails encourage immediate, repeat purchases and can also increase a customer’s lifetime value.

Sephora Restock Email

5. Anthropologie Celebrates Your Birthday

Consumers want to engage not only with brands they love but also with brands who care about them. Birthdays, anniversaries or special events are a great way to engage with your subscribers outside of typical promotional efforts and keep them happy.

Check out this great example of a birthday email from Anthropologie:

Anthropologie Birthday Email

6. Lyft Tells an Engaging Story Through a Year in Review

Lyft does an excellent job of making their customers feel important by putting them at the forefront of this highly personalized, year-in-review infographic email.

Readers get to see the impact that Lyft’s services have on their everyday life, so this email might compel them to consider using the service whenever they need a ride.

Elevate Your Email Marketing Strategy With Personalize

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Your contact’s preferences change quickly, making it hard to keep up with the products or services they desire. Personalize provides real-time insights into your contacts’ top three interests, giving you the valuable data you need to jumpstart your personalized email marketing efforts and give your customers what they really want.

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