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Human Automation Launches Personalize, an AI-Powered Marketing Tool That Reveals Your Customers’ Top Interests

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Human Automation, an Orange County-based SaaS company, has released the beta version of Personalize. Personalize is a marketing software solution that uses an artificial intelligence-based algorithm to monitor users’ website behavior and determine the products and services people are most interested in.

“Personalize was developed for our agency clients who had a real gap in their database marketing strategies,” said Joel Brda, co-founder of Human Automation. “We felt compelled to turn our in-house solution into an AI tool that sales and marketing teams can use at a very low cost. After years of development, we’re thrilled to officially launch this into the market!”

Customer interests are always changing. But too many marketing teams rely on batch-and-blast emails and generalized marketing campaigns to send messages that aren’t relevant. 

Personalize ranks the top interests of each website visitor and contact in your database based on their digital footprint. It analyzes metrics such as time on page, visit frequency and recency to provide real-time data as user interests change over time. 

Armed with this data, marketers can create personalized campaigns to promote the right product or service to the right individual at the right time. Email campaigns that leverage Personalize data, for instance, are proven to outperform other campaigns, resulting in 57% higher click rates on average.

Personalize integrates with various CRM, email and data platforms like HubSpot, Zapier and MailChimp. Beta pricing starts at $49/month for Personalize Light, which includes 50,000 pageviews, 6 months of data retention and 10,000 contacts. 

Learn more about Personalize and sign up for a free trial here.


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