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Introducing Atomic Widgets: Unleash the Power of BigCommerce Marketing

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of Atomic Widgets, a suite of powerful marketing tools designed to elevate BigCommerce stores into revenue-generating machines. 

Developed by our Chief Innovation Officer, Scott Williams, Atomic Widgets aims to simplify the process of enhancing online stores without requiring coding or development skills. The ultimate goal: to empower ecommerce business owners to effortlessly enhance their websites, boost conversions, and drive revenue growth.

Join us as we unravel the story behind Atomic Widgets and the collaborative efforts between Scott and Human to bring this innovation to life.

A Solution Born From Frustration

Scott's journey started when he saw the frustration among the merchants and clients he collaborated with as an ecommerce developer. Although he personally loves the intricate nature of website management, he recognized the pressing demand for faster, simpler, and more affordable solutions.

Scott's determination to revolutionize ecommerce led him to conceptualize Atomic Widgets—a solution that would empower entrepreneurs to focus on their core business operations while effortlessly enhancing their online stores.

The Birth of Atomic Widgets

Driven by his vision, Scott set out to create a solution that would transform the BigCommerce ecosystem. 

He wanted to provide entrepreneurs with a toolkit that didn’t require any coding or development skills and made it easy to apply updates and enhance key store components.

What started as an idea and a desire to make ecommerce website management more accessible soon turned into a passion project.

Last summer, Scott took his idea and entered the 2022 BigCommerce Hackathon, a time-limited competition that invites developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to showcase their skills and create innovative solutions for the BigCommerce platform. 

We were immensely proud to see Marketing Widgets, now Atomic Widgets, take first place!

Human’s brand, design, UX and marketing expertise then stepped in to take Atomic Widgets to the next level. We worked hand in hand with Scott to develop a compelling brand identity and build a cohesive website and marketing strategy that would capture the essence of Atomic Widgets.

Launch Day

The journey from inception to launch involved meticulous efforts to enhance the user experience and make the platform readily accessible to a wider audience.

During the transformative period between the end of the BigCommerce Hackathon and the official launch, Atomic Widgets was refined with improvements to the user interface, expansions to the software infrastructure and the addition of eleven new widgets!

The initial set of five widgets also underwent a complete overhaul to optimize the user experience. Features were enriched, new functionalities were incorporated, and user-friendliness was prioritized, allowing users to effortlessly leverage the full potential of each widget.

On the morning of May 31, 2023, Atomic Widgets officially went live on BigCommerce. 

Now, entrepreneurs have the ability to unleash their creativity and propel their BigCommerce stores to new heights!

A Game-Changing Solution

With Atomic Widgets, Scott's vision of empowering BigCommerce entrepreneurs becomes a reality. The solution's intuitive interface and no-code capabilities break down barriers, enabling merchants of all technical backgrounds to enhance their online stores effortlessly. 

We are eagerly looking forward to the transformations that business owners will bring to life, as they leverage Atomic Widgets to enhance their websites, captivate customers, and drive unprecedented growth. 

The possibilities are endless, and we can't wait to see the amazing things that lie ahead in the world of ecommerce!

Looking to give Atomic Widgets a try? Get the Atomic Widgets App, or stop by the website to learn more!

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