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Letter from a Human: Aaron Nguyen

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When I graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a Petroleum Engineering degree, I still wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my life. My work and passion were always about improving existing technology to improve the human condition and to make the work I did sustainable. 

However, when I joined the petroleum engineering industry, I quickly realized that the work was unsustainable, both personally and professionally. There was burnout from coworkers everywhere, with most people hoping and praying for the weekend, and the work itself was complex, bureaucratic, and rarely satisfactory. In them, I saw my future with the industry if I were to stay. So, I quickly began working on a solution—teaching myself to code.

Coding allowed me to make a huge personal change and venture out West, where I’ve always enjoyed vacations with my family. I obtained a job in Irvine, California and began growing my newfound career and passion. Meanwhile, I continued to teach others how to code through remote teaching.


Fast forward to today, and I’ve begun learning how vast and fulfilling the field I jumped into was. I get to create beautiful websites that actively improve people’s lives while continually making my work more efficient and sustainable for the world. I actively resolve huge problems, and the COVID-19 pandemic only further solidified the necessity of having great developers working on the web. As the world shifted to target online markets and products, I began focusing on e-commerce development to contribute to this ever-growing demand. 

This quickly drew me to Human Marketing, as not only do we provide an amazing service to the clients who need them, but that we also value the sustainability of the investment into our careers and lives. Not only do I get to be fulfilled professionally by resolving these issues I’m passionate about, but I also get to integrate my life personally with Human, exploring my hobbies in food, travel, and of course, playing with my wonderful dogs.