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Letter From a Human: Bao N Truong

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Attention to Vietnam

Born and raised in Vietnam — and contrary to common impressions about my country —  I am someone who has never considered it as a country that just stepped out from a war less than half a century ago. We have access to recent technologies in the world, our food is amazing, and the education system is well equipped and accessible. Yet, traffic is hectic and that’s the only war I know. In fact, we nowadays play an important role in the southeast Asian economic picture.

I used to work for a multinational eCommerce corporation (acquired by Alibaba in 2017) in which Vietnam was always among the top three focused ventures. Back then, this group received the largest investments from our HQ in Singapore among the six countries. From there, I have learned so much as a Performance Marketing Analyst and as a Vietnamese worker in the international labor market.

Managing campaign budgets of hundreds of thousands of dollars pushed me to be as productive and efficient as possible, while learning from and communicating with different types of people. Years of working in such an energetic, fast-paced environment in southeast Asia, and Vietnam in particular, has honed valuable skill sets that allowed me to be a good marketer who values efficiency, commitment, and a collaborative environment. 

Eventually, these experiences built a strong urge to be proud of where I came from. As a matter of fact, I have seen how the number of Vietnamese recognized professionals contributing to the front-liners of our world economy has steadily grown each day — making the world a melting pot of talent and inclusivity. Just the thought that I belong there is something I am very proud of and which gives me constant motivation to grow further in my career.

My Path to Human

I used to not believe in marketing agencies while working on the brand side due to lack of real actions and communication, until my first conversation with Joel - our CEO at Human. Then, as I learned more about them and talked to the team, I think I have found one agency that actually cares. They care about client success (not only their investment), business purposes, and ultimately people’s happiness with real on-going actions. They aim for sustainability, quality and empathy in every kind of relationship from the inside and out of the agency, which helps build up a strong retention with both clients and employees. Those values fit with what I have always believed in and have been searching for from a workplace; so, here I am as the newest Human today.

As a new Paid Media Manager at Human, I am excited to bring in my digital advertising expertise to help our clients maximize their performance and succeed sustainably on paid campaigns. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to reach me at bao@human.marketing or connect with me on LinkedIn. Being a proud Human now, I am happy to practice our motto “Enjoy Life. Help Others” to the fullest. 

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