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Letter From a Human: Camila Gallo

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When I was studying at university, I found myself with a great number of paths to follow within the marketing and advertising areas, but all I knew was that I wanted to walk down the street one day and see my work: billboards, commercials, and big productions were my thing. So I set my mind and efforts to find an advertising agency that would allow me to live that dream.

With time and diligent work, I saw that dream become a reality. I saw my work on the streets, on TV, in the cinema, and online. Being able to experience this reinforced the idea that no matter how hard it may seem sometimes, being behind that success makes it all worth it. 

My Path to Human

I spent over five years working in advertising agencies before transitioning to the IT industry. This new environment, characterized by a fast-paced startup culture, pushed me to discover and use skills I didn’t even know I had. Through this experience, I came to appreciate the crucial role of project management teams and agile methodologies, sparking a deep interest in these areas.

That’s when I found the opportunity to return to advertising and marketing and apply all the new knowledge I had gained from agile methodologies and the IT industry. I am thrilled to be part of the Human team, where I get to work with amazing humans and clients. 

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