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Letter from a Human: Courtney Phi

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I never knew what I wanted as a child growing up, my mind would always wander into art such as drawing, painting and later on photography. 

Going into Cal-State Fullerton, my mind was still all over the place with what I wanted to do. I was drawn to the creative field, I loved psychology and, at the same time, numbers were always reassuring. 

I decided to enter into marketing and later found my footing in social media marketing. All of my interests came together under one job. I enjoyed coming up with creative campaigns, reasoning why a target audience would be more attracted to A rather than B and looking at the numbers at the end of a campaign.

I started working at a small agency and then eventually freelanced while putting myself through school. After college, I joined a boutique agency that dealt with up to 30 clients per social media team and felt the “agency burnout.” I left to work in a b2b bridal manufacturing company where I was able to really get my hands into content making for a few years. 

My Path to Human

While I enjoyed working in-house for a brand, I missed the hustle of an agency. I was determined to find an agency where there was an emphasis on work-life balance as well as having a diverse team. With that in mind, I found my way to Human and I’m super excited to be joining as their new Social Media Manager!

When I’m not online, I like to bake, cook, hike, try out new restaurants, and plan my next vacation.

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