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Letter From a Human: Drew Barnett

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Delving into the world of digital marketing was driven by my deep-rooted passion for business, communications and data analytics. Over the past decade, I have studied finance and macroeconomics as a side interest, peeling back layers to uncover fundamental truths and embracing a first principles approach. 

This exploration has led me on a dedicated career journey to help businesses discover and amplify their competitive advantage through marketing, enabling them to stand out and thrive in the crowded digital landscape.

After completing my undergraduate studies, I embarked on an exciting opportunity to work at a UK-based PR and marketing agency in Tokyo, Japan. This experience allowed me to engage with luxury clients from all over the world and exposed me to the captivating role of an account liaison, shaping social media, public relations, and marketing strategies. This encounter ignited my passion for marketing and set the stage for future endeavors.

Returning to Los Angeles in 2015, I became fully immersed in the early stages of Facebook and Google media buying, as well as organic social media efforts, while working as a Digital Marketing Manager at a comprehensive branding and digital agency. During this time, I discovered my affinity for media strategy and recognized its profound impact on helping businesses achieve their direct-to-consumer (DTC) goals. 

Intrigued by the power of omnichannel marketing, I delved deep into understanding the intricate workings of various channels and their interconnectedness, enabling me to drive successful growth and retention strategies. 

My Path to Human

With valuable experience gained from working on both the agency and brand sides, I realized my inclination toward the dynamic and diverse nature of agency work. The ability to engage with a wide range of brands, personalities, and strategies proved irresistible. Thus, I made the decision to return to the agency side, bringing my expertise in brand DTC to Human's burgeoning ecommerce roster.

Outside the marketing realm, I find solace and joy in my free time. Surfing, swimming, and spending quality moments with friends at the beach are some of my favorite pastimes. Additionally, my love for animals is evident in my life as I have two cats and a dog that I share with my fiancée.

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