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Letter From a Human: Elena Lopez

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The road that led me to Project Management in the digital space was not a complicated one, but it did take time. 

For as long as I can remember, even as a kid playing with puzzles, I've always had an approach to problem-solving that involved understanding the goal or task at hand, defining an approach and prioritizing my moves – and written checklists were my favorite tool to stay focused. Can anyone else relate to how rewarding writing a long list of prioritized To Do's and checking the items off as they are complete can be?

How I found Digital Marketing

My passion for film and desire to work with teams to bring ideas on paper to life motivated me to study film and media production. From day one, I loved the dedication and relentless challenges of producing films; however, I always felt there was more for me.  A summer I took off from production to reflect on my future led me to a digital agency startup in need of some organizational help. Needless to say, joining that team was the shift I needed to jumpstart my career in the direction it needed to be.

I was introduced to a world I never knew existed, yet I felt like I knew from day one. Keyword research, persona building, campaign strategies, budgets, paid search and SEO were just some pieces to a puzzle that, when strategically put together, built a brand/product and made it successful. I knew I was where I needed to be.

My Path to Human

Managing projects, from the "simplest" to the most complex, and mentoring teams through the challenges that lead to their success are a passion of mine.  I've been fortunate to work with some of the most brilliant people in this space and have never taken it for granted. With every challenge comes growth and experience, and when those learnings are applied to future projects – the sky's the limit!

I am super excited to join this team and look forward to our continued success!

About Me

I am LA born and raised. In my free time, I travel with my fiance, visit family and friends and hang out with my pets – a terrier mix named Frida and a cat named Desi. I'm a huge “I Love Lucy” fan, and I love going to the beach, watching films and listening to the latest educational and true crime podcasts. 

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