Letter from a Human: Noelle Roys

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My favorite aspect of marketing is that it’s all about making human connections.

Executing a marketing campaign may involve dozens of human connections. Chances are, each campaign that makes it in front of our eyes—no matter how minimalistic the design may seem or how concise the copy reads—was first touched by an entire team of strategists, designers, copywriters, content creators, and maybe more.

From early brainstorming sessions to launch, hours of close collaboration and strategic communication must take place.

A successful marketing campaign will take human connection-making to the next level by effectively connecting with consumers post-launch.

As a consumer, I live for great campaigns that make me feel something—whether it’s just a clever subject line that outshines all the rest in my busy inbox or a creative and well-designed ad that appears on my social media feed.

The best campaigns all have one thing in common: they feel intentional. They catch me in the right place at the right time. They closely align with my personal interests, desires, or previous actions. Campaigns that make me feel something were clearly crafted by a thoughtful team of marketers who had me in mind.

My Path to Human

I studied marketing and communications throughout college, but my obsession with online shopping is what ultimately led me to pursue a career in marketing.

I’ve always been fascinated by the way brands (teams of real humans) communicate and connect with consumers in digital spaces.

I love how digital marketing feels like both an art and a science. It’s creative and fluid, but it’s also practical and structured. With new trends emerging in the field every day, it absolutely never gets boring.

I’m so excited to continue my career as a Digital Marketing Manager at Human. It’s an honor to be a part of an incredible team that values people as much as it values achieving stellar results for clients!

When I’m not working or online shopping, you can find me frequenting my favorite local coffee shops, searching for new dinner recipes to cook, or driving backstreets in my 1985 Mercedes.

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