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Letter from a Human: Sandra Koury

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My introduction to all things marketing started when I discovered content writing a few years ago. I was in a muddled space in my career and had explored a number of different paths. I think we all experience shifts in our desires and expectations as we move through life, and the hope is that we eventually come out in a place of certainty and with a definite heading. This is how it happened for me.

How I Found Digital Marketing

With a long-standing love for language, I started by getting my bachelor’s degree in English and eventually added a minor in business administration. 

My initial hope was to become a professor of English but later decided that my love for nurturing people could be expressed in the form of therapeutic work and case management. That’s how I ended up at Loma Linda University studying for my master’s degree in social work. 

It didn’t take long for me to realize how emotionally difficult this type of work would be, but I resolved to complete my degree and find another use for it. With time, I found that writing skills, an interest in data analysis, and an understanding of human behavior all merge very naturally in the world of content marketing. 

My Path to Human

Early on, I focused on teaching myself everything I could before I invested in long-term goals or commitments. Yes, I definitely learned from diving head-first into expensive degree programs before I really knew what was in store.

Once I found how much enjoyment I got from marketing, I made a list of all the things I wanted to learn on a deeper level and found an internship that could fulfill that craving for knowledge. I’m thankful to have had some exceptional mentors throughout this process. Actually, my first internship with a marketing agency is what I credit for the skills I learned that landed me a job on the marketing team at LA Fitness. From there, I honed in on the areas of greatest interest (which, for me, were data analysis and search engine optimization).

Today, I’m proud to be the newest member of the Human Marketing team as the SEO Content Manager! I have been impressed since the very first interview and glad to see that the company’s professed values are truly expressed in every person here. 

If I’m not creating killer content calendars, you can surely find me at the beach attempting to surf, on a hiking trail with my dog, or seeking out a new favorite restaurant.

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