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Letter From a Human: Summer Kutter

Letter From a Human: Summer Kutter

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Like many in their youth, my career aspirations shifted and changed in my early days as new doors opened and my worldview expanded. 

My earliest aspirations included architecture, nutrition science, computer science, and graphic design. These broad interests manifested into a number of undergrad major experiments as I sought to find my place in the world. While each of these dreams served a small role in my development, graphic design stayed with me the longest as a hobby from middle school through college.   

graphic design

The Discovery

Graphic design helped me land the publicity team lead in a community building club at Cal Poly Pomona. This small role would be the definitive start to my marketing pursuits, introducing me to the greater marketing machine complete with cogs, wheels and vessels that could be cranked and tuned to achieve real results. 

Behind the curtain, I learned that marketing simply leverages creativity into a scientific and formulaic equation to deliver business value. The mystery of marketing success could be expelled through careful consideration of metrics and a precise strategic plan. 

I changed my major to Marketing and soon began my marketing career. Over the last few years, I’ve supported businesses small and large, in start-up and mature stages and in industries from technology to retail on in-house marketing teams.

marketing career

My Path to Human

After spending six years developing marketing programs from the ground up, launching major new ecommerce websites, and designing and implementing highly successful company branding and marketing strategies, I know what truly drives soaring website traffic, revenue and conversions, and brand recognition—and it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s a carefully constructed strategic plan formulated from a client’s unique business metrics and growth objectives.

As Marketing Director at Human, I partner with companies to achieve sales and marketing goals to drive revenue, human-to-human. My ultimate goal is to help clients achieve their goals through tailored marketing and optimization strategies. 

I hold a BS in marketing and am currently pursuing a MS in data analytics specializing in strategic information in digital marketing from Colorado State University.

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